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1989 KBA/Planets VL&& 6-55+LX. 6 Units. 41" x 55", Tower Coater with Extended Delivery, Varicontrol Press Console, IR Dryer. Q9314 Good running condition. Pictures are available upon request.

2003 KBA RA 142-6. 40" x 56", 6 Units, FAPC, ACR Register Control, Transfer Cylinder Cocking, Technotrans Single Zone Control, Presets, Non-stop Feeder, KBA Sheet Cleaner, Auto Blanket/Impression Cylinder Washers, Auto Ink Roller Cleaners, Continuous Delivery, Grafix Sprayer, Densotronic x and y spectrophotometer, Press elevated 16", Manuals, Spare Rollers and Parts. (more)

1977 Heidelberg GTOZ-46. Standard Dammpening. 49 Million Impressions. Runs very well. No Damage. In prodcution. B5-714

1964 Heidelberg 62. Black. Standard Dampening, No Damage. In Production. B5-714

1985 Heidelberg SM 72-6. 20" x 28". 6-Color, CPC, Alcolor Dampening, R&Rm Pierry IR Dryer, Oxy Powder Spray. 714

1992 Komori L426. 4-Color, 20" x 26", PQC, Komoirmatic Dampening. 112 million impressions. Running. Q9914 

AB Dick 9975 PFA. 1-Color Perfector. 13" x 18. Q6 914 

1984 Heidelberg MOV. 4-Color. 19" x 25.5". Alcolor Dampening, Baldwin R&R, CPC, Grafix Powder Spray, 42 Million impressions. Q6 914 

Halm Jet Envelope Press. Model JP-FWOD. 4-Colors. Max. Envelope: 9" x 12". Max Speed 20,000/hour. Bleed 3 sides. No Perfecting. great condition. Price to sell. OU4-914

Hamada 660. 2-Color. Pictures available. Best Offer-Owner Retiring

2007 Ryobi 3304 HA. 13 x 18, 4 Units, PCF-S Offset Press Control, SA, Register Punch, Auto Blanket Wash, Quick Release Clamps, Chrome Cylinders. Royse R&R, CIP # & 4 Prepress Compatible, 11 Million impressions. Running, Pictures available. Q9-1114 

1997 Komori L620. 14 x 20, 6 Units, PQC, Pinned with Punch, Komorimatic Dampening, IR Dryer, 25 Million Impressions. Running. Q9-1114  

1988 Shinohara 426. Model 66IVPK.  74 Million Impressions, Shinohara Dampening, R&R, Press Control Console. Running. J1 11-14 

1998 KOMORI L640. 28 x 40, 6 Color, PQC Console,
Komoirmatic Dampening, Prisco R/R Chiller, IR Dryer, 51 million impressions. Q9-315

1986 KOMORI L626. 20 x 26, 6-Color, PQC Control Console, Komorimatic Dampening, Baldwin R&R, 141 million impresssions.
Q9 315

1989 AKIYAMA BT428BCL. 20 x 28, 4 Color, Inline Coater, ACC Control Console, ACII Dampening, UV, IR Dryer, 59 million impressions. Q9 315

2002 Heidelberg SM 102-10-P6-S. 10 Color, CP 2000, Alcolor Dampening, Continuous Feed & Delivery, Grafix Powder Spray, IR Dryer, Technotrans Water Circulation System, Semi-Auto Plate System, 5/5 Perfector, Preloader, Intercom, Auto Blanket & Cylindr Washers. Chilled Ink Rollers, Transformer, Plate Punch. 198 Million Impressions. R9-415

2002 Ryobi 3304H.  Kompac Dampening, Royse R&R, Powder Spray. 43 million impressions. E3-515(more)

2000 Man Roland R704-3B+LX. 29” x 41”. 4-Color, Tower Coater with Extended Delivery, Press Control Console, Rolandmatic Dampening, Technotrans R&R, Technotrans Ink Chills, Auto Roller and Auto Blanket Washers, IR Dryer, Less than 100 Million Impressions. Q9615

1985 Heidelberg MOZP-S. Alcolor Dampening, Royse Refrigeration, Powder Spray Alcolor Dampening, Royse Refrigeration, Powder Spray. 61 million impressions. J1615

2003 Komori NL 628 with Coater. PQC Press Control Console, Komorimatic Dampening with Delta-Effect, SAPC, AMR, Paper Thickness Presets. Auto Roller Washers, Auto Blanket Washers, Ink Temperature Control, IR Dryer with Hot Air Knives, Powder Spray, Only 30 million Impressions, Running.

2004 Ryobi 755 XL E. PDS-E Color Scanner. Prime IR Action Dryer, 5 color, 23 X 29, 6-up press, Ryobi Semi-Autoplate Changers, H&B Closed Chamber Coating System, Touch Screen Control, PLC System Control, 15,000 sheets per hour, Royce Recirculators, 58 million impressions, Excellent condition. A 1615

1985 Heidelberg GTOFP. Five Color 14 X 20, Epic Delta Dampening, Perfects 2/3, 138 Million Impressions. UV.

1998 Heidelberg SM52-5-P3H
  • 5-Color with Perfector 2/3
  • High Pile Delivery
  • Max/ Sheet Size: 20.5"
  • Alcolor Dampening
  • CPC 1.04 Press Control Console
  • Auto Perfecting in one minute
  • IR Dryer with Extended Delivery
  • Powder Spray
  • Refrigeration/Recirculation
  • Auto Plate
  • Auto Blanket, Plate and Cylinder Cleaner
  • Auto Plate Cocking and Up and Down via CPC 1.04 Console
  • Auto Roller Wash
  • Plate Bender
  • Sheet De-curler Lever
  • Continuous Delivery with 5 Trays
  • Factory Air System
  • Can be seen in production
  • 70 million impressions
  • No cylinder or gear damage. Press is very clean and has been well maintained.
  • Located East Coast of USA
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2004 Heidelberg SM102-4P L. 4-Color, 2/2 Perfector, CP2000 Console, Tower Coater, 140 Million Impressions. T41015 

Heidelberg SM74 5P L. 5-Color, Tower Coater, 2/3 Perfector CPC 1.02, Alcolor, IR Dryer Auto Blanket & Rollers Wash, Presets. 100 Million Impressions. T41015

2006 Mitsubishi D3000LX- 6+ UV. Mitsubishi Dampening, CIP 3 Connectivity, SAPC, Plate Cocking, Chrome Impression Cylinder, Presets, IR Dryer, Ink Temperature Control, Auto Ink, Cylinder, Blanket & Roller Wash, Grafix UV, Interdeck in All Unites,3 Lamps at Delivery. T41015

2001 Roland 905 -4- LX 44"+ UV. 32 x44. Lamp after #5 and EOP. Semi Auto Plate Changers, Autp Blanket, Roller and Impression Cylinder Washers, AWS Ink Temp Control, Technotrans, Fountain Solution Management System, Continuous Feed & Delivery, 140 Million Impressions. T41015

1999 MITSUBISHI 5F 5LX. 51”, 5-Colors, Anilox Coater. Equipped for UV, Auto Blanket & Cylinder Washers, Paper Presets, Cosed Loop Inking System, COMRAC Console, Auto Preset Inking System, Royse Recirculators, Automated Inking System, 69 Million Impressions. T41015

1993 Heidelberg SM102-6. 28’ x 40”. 6-Color, CPC 1.03, CP Tronics Console, Dahlgren Coater #6, Alcolor Dampening, R&R, IR Dryer, Powder Spray. 200 Million Impressions. T41015

1993 Roland 706 LX. RCI Console Control, Presets, RolandMatic Dampening, Auto Washers for Inking Rollers, Impression Cylinders. IR Dryer. Baldwin R&R, 230 Million Impressions. T41015

2001 Polly 466. 4 Color. Perfector. Max. Sheet: 48 x 66 cm (19" x 25"). Continuous Dampening, Counsel Control, Royse Recirculating System, IR Dryer, Powder Spray, 15 Million Impressions, Running   Picture

65" Jagenberg Synstar-E Dual Knife Sheeter. Excellent condition. Call or write for full Specification and Pictures. K1-116

2000 Heidelberg Quickmaster PM46-2. Quickspray Powder Spray, IR Dryer. Running in Southern California. Picture
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