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1990 Didde VIP Variable Size Web Press. Martin 50" Splicer, Controlled Infeed, 8 Offset Units with 14", 17" and 22" Inserts,  TriFlow Dampening, Numbering and Imprinting, Punching, Perforating, Variable Size Sheeter, Receding Stacker.  Available for print test. 312

Didde Web Press Modules.22" x 17 1/2" width.

1989 Didde Web Press. Model 860-22.  50 Unwimd, Web Guide, Double Punching, Double Cross Perforating, Lineal Perforating, Sheeter, Stacker, Folder. Running.   N1

1991 Didde Web Press. Model 860-22.17.5" width, 6-Colors with Tri Flow Dampening. 40" Martin Splicer, Double Cross Perf, Sheeter, Stacker. Running.  . I2, (more)

1987 Didde Compupress Web Press.11" Cut-off x 17.5" width. 4-Colors, Double Cross Perf, Double Punching, Sheeter, Stacker, Rewind, Compfressor, 9800 hours. Running.   M6 (more)

Harris Web Offset Press. 50" Unwind, Two wet Offset Units, Numbering & Imprinting, Double File Hole Punching, Single Line Hole Punching, Double Cross Perf, Drum Infeed,  Fan Folder, 40" Rewind, Scan-A-Web inspection station. Sticky Back Blankets.  44" Blanket Cylinders. Video available.  bb5

Didde 860-22" Web Offset Press.  6-Colors. Butler Splicer, Double Cross Perf. Remanufactured in 1999.  Z2 (more)

Didde Webcom-22" Web Offset Press. 6-Colors. Martin 40" Splicer, Controlled Infeed, Web Guide, Sic (6) Offset Units, Double Punching Unit, Double Cross Perforating Unit, Folder, Sheeter.  Very light usage since reconditioned. Excellent condition.  r6711

1997 Allied Gear Flexo Press.  Model 100. Width: 10". Waste Windup, Lamination Arm, Additional Air Core Rewind/Clutch, Turnbar, Bottome Sheet Stacker, Knife Slitter, 50 cylinders, 15 dies. Running. Pictures available. L7 1011

Webtron 1125C.  3-Color on 4 Color frame. 3 Die Stations. Sheeter, Approximately 100 Cylinders: 7to 18, Approximately 80 Rotometrics Dies in different patterns. Running, Pictures available on request.. O-21, 312

2010 Bowe Cutter.  Center Slitter, Margin Trim, Chopper, Microprocessor, Memory for 41 jobs. Light Usage. Excellent Condition. Located Northeast. 216

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