2000 Polar 92ED  36". P-1 Air Flow, 3 blades, Tools, Manual. bb4 (more)

2000 Polar 155EMC-61. CIP 3 and 4 enabled, 2 spare blades. 

Saber Paper Cutter. Model S-116.  45,  Under power.   P8

1986 Polar 137. Programmable.   s6

2007 Polar Model 137XT Cutter. Air Removal Bar, Jogger, Right Hand Trasomat.  

1986 Polar Model 137 EMC MON Cutter.  

2002 Schneider Senator 155 ( 62"). Flat screen program display. Extra Large side tables with Air, Jogger. B4-1013

1995 Polar 78E, L7-1013. 16,500.00 

Lawson Cutter. 70". Safety Beams, Microcut Programmer. Updated Electronics. K2-214

Lawson Seneca Flatbed Screen printing press.  Model 5496. Running. 214

1997 Polar Model 115ED Paper Cutter. 45" Computer Program, Flat Screen Display, P1-Air Flow, Square Side Tables. T6-315 (more)

Lawson Cutter. 110".  Model MCC Computer. Includes Southworth Load & Unload System. Can be seen in production. C6-615


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