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1999 Billhoefer GP 112 UV CoaterSpot and Full Coater. Paper and Board.
Max. Sheet : 44" x 32", Min. Sheet: 15.7" x 12.6", Automatic Continuous Sheet Feeder
GSP 112 Spot Coating Unit, UV Dryer-3 Lamps, Automatic Pile Delivery, Powder Removal Device, Ionization Unit, New Main Cylinder, New Motors. 212

2007 D&K 3210 Film Laminator Max. Sheet:. Stock: 80 lb to 20 point. Automatic Sheet Feeder, Laminating Section Sheet Separator, Decurler, Receding Stacker. t6411

D&K Double Kote HS NT  Narrow format laminating equipment. J1- 513  

GBC Billhofer 8300 1992 4500 hours 1-sided laminator, Mabeg feeder, cutting (snapping) system, delivers to jogger. 200 ft/minute. Same as the MTS76 model. J1513  

2000 GBC Film Laminator. Genesis Model 8332 with Mabeg Feeder.  

Autofeeds Film Laminator. Double-Sided, 30" x 64" Size Feeder, Slitter Delivery. Loaded, D3, pix, 10-13 

2007 Autobond Sheetmaster 105 XXL Thermal Laminator. One/two sided. In production. 

2007 Autobond Sheetmaster Laminator.   Heavy duty, high speed. 2-sided, Heidelberg Feeder, Receding Stacker, Dual Chills. Control Console. Running. Pictures upon request. 10-13

D&K Accufeed 27 Film Laminator. T9, 11-13 

2002 GBC GENESIS 8332. Laminator. T9, 11-13 

2005 Sakurai SC102DX Cylinder Die Cutter.  28" x 40". Spot and Full UV Coating. Feeder, Ink Pump, Crusher. Running. R9 114

2007 GBC Voyager 3. Single Sided Thermal Laminator. Max. Sheet Size: 30" x 40", Minimum: 8.5" x 11". Max. Speed 150 ft/min, Pile Height 32, One sided laminator. Integrated feeder and separator. Uses large variety of thermal films. Pneumatically controlled roller pressure, Adjustable bow roller, Film slitting, Decurler, Perforating. Running. Pictures upon request. T6 611 (more)

2010 GBC Talon 64" Laminator.  Runs both heat activated and pressure sensitive films (hot and cold) up to 61" width, "UniWind" system allows the motor driven film shafts to run in either direction to function as unwinds or rewinds. Force Air Cooling. Motorized heat roller settings are controlled by the pressure/gap selection of the pull rollers. Can demonstrate. Pictures. X31114 

Billhofer FK-76 Laminator  1-sided wet laminator plus thermal with Mabeg feeder and snap cutter. Running. J1-1114

1992 Billhofer/GBC MTS7 6/8300 Laminator.  30" wide 1-sided film laminator, Autofeed with vacuum hold downs, separating rotary knife cutter. J1-11-14

2008 GBC Delta Laminator. Low hours Laminate polypropylene, polyester, or nylon. Speed 65 fpm. J1-1114

GBC Genesis 2000 Laminator.   1-sided laminator with Mabeg feeder and snap cutter. J1- 11-14

Kompac Kwik Finish Spot & UV Coater.  1 UV Lamp, Autofeeder, Conveyor and Vent. Excellent Condition. Running. J11- 11-14 

2010 Kompac Kwik Finish 20 Coater. UV & Aqueous. Spot and Flood Coating, Can do Test Run, Excellent Condition. Pictures Avilable, X3-1114 

1988 Mitsubishi 1F-4D Plus Coater. 20x28, 4 Color, Tower Coater, Version:0.9 StartHtml: 105 EndHtml: 2595 StartFragment: 334 EndFragment: 2563 and Extended, SAPC, Comrac Console, Mitsubishi Dampening, API Continuous Feeder and Delivery. 120 million impressions. S6-315